JM: Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability

December 29, 2022

in our forthcoming article, "Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability," currently available for free at the Journal of Marketing, we challenge the traditional belief that financial vulnerability only affects low-income individuals and propose a novel, theory-driven definition and conceptual framework for consumer financial vulnerability (CFV). We also distinguish between CFV and its determinants (such as access to financial resources) and the harm it can lead to.

Our research offers a measure of CFV - the probability that financial resources are insufficient to meet or exceed a harm threshold - that can be used in future empirical investigations and helps stakeholders identify financially vulnerable consumers and prevent harm.

We also present five research propositions on CFV and its implications for marketing strategy, public policy, and consumer well-being.Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about the dynamic nature of financial vulnerability and how it affects consumers.

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